Hong Kong Media Become Propaganda Tool Used to Attack Occupy Central

The past fortnight became a nightmare for the peaceful pro-democracy protesters in Hongkong.


HONG KONG—Many of Hong Kong’s media outlets have followed the line of the Chinese Communist Party in reporting on the Occupy Central’s democracy protests.In mainland China, the state-run media have described Occupy Central as illegal, destructive of Hong Kong, and the result of foreign interference.The world’s media have in general praised the students for being polite, peaceful, and orderly, and condemned the Hong Kong police for using tear gas and pepper spray to disperse peaceful protesters on Sept. 29.When the Hong Kong newspapers Wenweipo and Ta Kung Pao reported on the events of Sept. 29, they published articles condemning Occupy Central for causing “a lot of chaos.”The Oriental Daily took a similar approach with an article whose headline read “Chaotic Protest Like Tides, Tear Gas Flies.” The report claimed that the students’ protest was “totally out of control.”When hundreds of anti-Occupy Central demonstrators suddenly appeared in groups and violently attacked…

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Three fundamental constituents support my life; they are literature, philosophy and photography. And I am rather glad that I don't really need them to sustain my living. But, it only implies my incompetent.
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15 Responses to Hong Kong Media Become Propaganda Tool Used to Attack Occupy Central

  1. Despite the fact that it should be impossible for bumblebees to fly, they stubbornly continue to do so.
    As fragile as Monarch butterflies are, they arrive each year to shelter and warmth after a long difficult migration.
    Like these, the human soul and spirit soars

  2. 媒体历来就是政客工具箱里的用具之一。



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  4. 唉 ~ 小汤,咋会对等!

  5. I find it refreshing to read news without the American media bias in it.

    • NgTom says:

      Without seeing it with my own eyes, I would never believe that a government could do such things to the people.
      Thanks for your nice words…

  6. I am encouraged by the protest movement in Hong Kong. When the British gave Hong Kong to China, it was inevitable that it would come to this. I live in Indiana and our news has been predominantly sympathetic to the movement. I wish they weren’t referred to as an Occupy group though – that has a connotation of greed in the U.S. It is good to see that spark for fundamental rights alive in Hong Kong.

    • NgTom says:

      Thank you so much for the nice words.
      I wish I can have more time to depict a clear picture about the movement.
      But, I would certainly do it when times allow me.
      On the whole, The peaceful pro-democracy protesters are facing a very hard time.
      One can certainly imagine that in front of a oligarchy govt.

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