The Invasion

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Helplessly looking at the invasion, powerless;
as if a paddy fields, swarms of locusts flew.


About NgTom

Three fundamental constituents support my life; they are literature, philosophy and photography. And I am rather glad that I don't really need them to sustain my living. But, it only implies my incompetent.
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19 Responses to The Invasion

  1. gorgeous clouds!

  2. krikitarts says:

    You have a gift of imagination, Tom!

  3. Bonnie J. Gaines says:

    as always LOVE your photography

  4. It does look like an invasion.
    The street light looks so vulnerable (and human) against the big threat of the sky.(and nature)

  5. 风云作画天布上,水墨清淡悠然临。



  6. Very peaceful, yet tumultuous at the same time, NgTom…the dichotomy of Nature.

    • NgTom says:

      This is really a very fitting comment.
      And we are all stand in awe of Nature.
      Take care, Madam. While you enjoy winter days…
      my regards…

      • Certainly hoping your Winter will not be as harsh as ours here in Chicago, which seems to be quite cold, but not much snow–yet–my dear Tom.

        Yes, I DO stand in awe of Nature…it frequently is amazing to just stop and look around me and find, one by one, its small wonders!

      • NgTom says:

        If it is too cold, I don’t think you should go out to take photo.
        May be you can paint or do some other artworks…

      • I have been doing exactly that, dear friend–only taking photos outdoors if it is warmer, and working on several other projects when the weather is nasty!

        Thank you for the advice…and I hope your weekend has been restful!

  7. Great images! I like that you included the street lamp.

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