I Will Remember Thee…


About NgTom

Three fundamental constituents support my life; they are literature, philosophy and photography. And I am rather glad that I don't really need them to sustain my living. But, it only implies my incompetent.
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47 Responses to I Will Remember Thee…

  1. violetski says:

    Amazing shots😃

  2. Impybat says:

    Wow, these are beautiful. Nice pictures!

  3. Stunning captures with wonderful compositions and colors, so lovely!

  4. These bright, beautiful colours made me smile. Lovely photos.

  5. Gunta says:

    Beautiful flowers and the colors are stunning.

  6. Bashar A. says:

    I really like the first one and the 4th… they are very very nice 🙂

  7. seekraz says:

    So pretty, Tom…what a wonderful selection….

  8. Very stunningly beautiful images, NgTom…the reminders of warmth and color to shield us from the cold grays of the coming winter.

  9. Great work Tom! Beautiful pictures.

  10. imexcited says:

    Awesome images! My favorites are the first and the last one.

  11. Since my garden is mostly brown now, I soaked up every image! Thank you!

  12. 百花盛开
    谢谢你, TOM,不是自己的语言,怎么挤总觉得~ 词不达意

  13. The Jagged Man says:

    I can add nothing to the narrative of how beautiful this set of photos are that has not already been said. So let me Thank You for sharing them with us.

  14. naturally beautiful photos

  15. Becky J. says:

    wonderful color!!

  16. Reblogged this on Spiritual challenges and commented:
    with love maxima

  17. elleturner4 says:

    Hi. I love flowers and your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following 🙂

  18. 喜欢第二幅“小草”,静静的,简简单单着也又朴素着。

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