The Gate of the City


About NgTom

Three fundamental constituents support my life; they are literature, philosophy and photography. And I am rather glad that I don't really need them to sustain my living. But, it only implies my incompetent.
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28 Responses to The Gate of the City

  1. Northern Narratives says:


  2. Lisa says:

    Nice pics!! I love them!

  3. I especially like the third picture. great contrasts.

  4. Love your selection of images. Organic vines draping with a backdrop of rigid manmade straight-lined structures. Art, story, and commentary. Nice.

  5. paul says:

    I agree that the inclusion of the vines with the stark buildings is well done and makes one look twice as to what is being depicted.

  6. So very pristine and stark, at first…then tangled vines overtake that atmosphere. Wondrous photo series, NgTom!

  7. seekraz says:

    Beautiful progression…..

  8. Fascinating composition! What a creative sequence of excellent shots!! Whenever I see photo progressions, I wonder how many shots it takes to choose them from? Can you share your process for this particular set?

  9. QQ says:

    胡须, 嘿嘿~

  10. Paula says:

    Very original 🙂 I love it!

  11. It speaks to me. Beautiful and captures the strength of nature. I like how the dark is the image that appeals and in a strange way outshines the bright light. The stark fortress of the city dwindles in the face of the intricacy and strong organic flow of the vines.
    I notice that many of your images have a vertical organic movement or subject. Does that have a particular meaning to you, or is it just something that attracts your eye or feeling for design?

    • NgTom says:

      Thanks for the LIKE…
      Natural scenery always dazes my eyes.
      Through the gate, as the design of the photo, our passage is between city and nature.
      I trust it would be more appropriate for the readers to interpret different meaning.

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